Hilarious (and slightly petty) banner of Gonzaga's goaltend hung up on the Arch

    The Northwestern student body is even more petty than we thought.

    This morning, many a-student noticed a new addition to the Weber Arch: an enormous blown up photo of the crucial “block” (read: goaltend that wasn’t called) by Gonzaga’s Zach Collins in the NU-Gonzaga March Madness game.

    The goaltend stopped what would’ve been a Northwestern basket that would have cut Gonzaga’s lead to just three with a few minutes remaining in the game, which Gonzaga eventually won.

    The evil/comedic geniuses behind the poster were Weinberg sophomore Coby Parker and Weinberg freshman Natalie Shilati, who raised money for the banner through GoFundMe and climbed the Arch early in the morning to set it up.

    “We decided to hang the banner early in the morning so that no one would stop us from climbing the Arch,” Shilati said. “Coby, Cam and I woke up at 5 a.m., walked to the Arch and then proceeded to climb and hang the banner.”

    Sadly, at around 12:15 p.m., a pair of construction workers arrived with a ladder to take down the banner despite protest from surrounding students. Naturally, the worker tasked with tearing it down pulled out his iPad and snapped a photo before climbing up the ladder to end our petty fun.

    “I asked them to please not take it down and one of the men taking it down said he loved it,” Shilati said, “but the other man said ‘You had to get approval.’”


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