Ho ho no they didn't: the worst Secret Santa gifts
    Photo by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons.

    It's that time of year again. A time of tongue-burning hot chocolate, tinkling lights and the never-ending loop of your favorite Christmas songs. Of course, this also means it's the time of year where broke college students decide to take part in Secret Santa. When receiving a gift, there are the funny Secret Santa gifts, the ones that are carefully planned and then there are the worst gifts you could ever imagine. Remember that this Christmas, as long you don't receive any of these horrible gifts, life isn't so bad. 

    1. Tanner from Nicole Polizzi's (Snooki) line: Nothing says natural like a nice orange glow

    2. A membership to an online dating site: What's worse than knowing even your friends have given up any hope? 

    3. Twilight Scene It: Perhaps it's just the word "Twilight," but nothing about this game sounds appealing. 

    4. A prank lottery ticket: Yes, it's funny for everyone to watch. But, there's no gift in humiliation and a useless piece of paper.  

    5. Miley Cyrus jewelry: Cheap, tacky jewelry is one thing. With the Miley Cyrus brand, cheap, tacky jewelry goes to a whole new level. 

    6. Clearance Northwestern shirts: Nothing's wrong with school spirit, but who wants a championship T-shirt from two years ago?

    7. MiraLAX: In no way will laxatives ever be okay. Ever. 

    8. Nickelback CD: Not only is the newest CD a year old, it's Nickelback. Nickelback

    9. A season of your favorite TV show – that's already on Netflix: This one is pretty self-explanatory

    10. Diet pills: On one hand it may be a joke, but then again, what if it's not?  

    11. Kitty litter: Nothing says "I love you" like a bag of cat litter. Nothing. 

    12. An expired can of food: It's bad enough if they give you a can of food, but expired? Nothing about this is funny. 

    13. Crocs: Remember when these orthopedic shoes were in? Neither do we. 

    14. Shake Weight: Is this a real workout? 

    15. Halloween candy: We all know it's old and reused. How does this make you feel


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