Honor roll banquet celebrates popular professors

    Some of Northwestern’s most beloved professors received banquet treatment on Tuesday when Associated Student Government celebrated more than 70 faculty members who were selected to be on the “Honor Roll.”

    The professors were selected in the Spring by a hybrid process of student voting and CTEC evaluations, Associate Provost Ronald Braeutigam said.

    But the rewards can be more than just recognition, Braeutigam said. Some deans look at the Honor Roll and CTECS, “when people come up for promotion, for tenure.”

    Watch an audio slideshow of the event below:

    Speaking: Associate Provost Ronald Braeutigam, Chemistry Assistant Professor Justin Notestein and ASG Academic Vice President Michael McGee.

    Below is a list of the winners, as given to us by ASG:

    Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
    Barnor Hesse – African American Studies
    Tracy Vaughn – African American Studies
    William Haarlow – American Studies
    Nitasha Sharma – Asian American Studies
    Michael Smutko – Astronomy
    Thomas Meade – Biological Sciences
    Stephen Levin – Business Institutions
    Joan Zielinski – Business Institutions
    Richard Silverman – Chemistry
    Francesca Tataranni – Classics
    Lillian Kamal – Economics
    Eric Schulz – Economics
    Glenn Sucich – English
    Margaret Sinclair – French & Italian
    Peter Hayes – German
    Ingrid Zeller – German
    Michael Diamond – Global Health
    Francesca Bordogna – History
    Georgi Derlugian – International Studies
    Beatriz Badikian Gartler – (LACS)
    John Alongi – Mathematics
    Jared Wunsch – Mathematics
    Mark Sheldon – Philosophy
    James Farr – Political Science
    Jeffrey Winters – Political Science
    Michael Bailey – Psychology
    Renee Engeln-Maddox – Psychology
    Robert Orsi – Religion
    Stuart Sarbacker – Religion
    Gary Morson – Slavic Languages and Literature
    Charles Moskos – Sociology
    Mary Pattillo – Sociology

    Medill School of Journalism

    Eric Ferkenhoff
    Doug Foster
    Craig Lamay
    Mark LaMet
    David Nelson
    Larry Stuelpnagel

    School of Communication

    Katherine Galvin – Communications Studies
    Michael Roloff – Communication Studies
    Mary Shanahan – Dance
    Carol Simpson Stern – Performance Studies
    Michael Curtis – RTVF
    David Kukoff – RTVF
    Eric Patrick – RTVF
    Jeffrey Sconce – RTVF
    Gail Shapiro – Theatre

    McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science

    Vadim Backman – Biomedical Engineering
    Robert Linsenmeier – Biomedical Engineering
    Jay Walsh – Biomedical Engineering
    Justin Notestein – Chemical Engineering
    Brian Moran – Civil and Environmental


    Alvin Bayliss – ESAM
    Allen Taflove – EECS
    William White – IEMS
    Thomas Mason – Materials Science & Engineering

    School of Education and
    Social Policy

    Emma Adam – HDPS
    Regina Logan – HDPS
    Gail Berger – LOC
    Jeannette Colyvas – LOC
    Cindy Conlon – Social Policy
    Dan Lewis – Social Policy
    Michelle Reininger – Social Policy

    School of Music

    Carlos Abril – Music Education
    Jesse Rosenberg – Musicology


    Jaime Dominguez – WCAS
    Susan Hall – WCAS
    Mark Hoffman – SESP
    Burgie Howard – Student Affairs
    Susan Olson – SESP
    Jeff Rice – WCAS
    Andrew Rivers – WCAS
    Bradley Zakarin – Office of Fellowships


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