Hors d'oeuvres for your Oscars party
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    Roll out the red carpet, Wildcats – this Sunday is the night dozens of radiant movie stars gather for the honor of answering invasive questions from the 5-foot-9-inch Ryan Seacrest. (See: boob height. Awkward.) Also known as the 84th Academy Awards. 

    You don’t get to get glammed up and snazzy for the red carpet, but you can still make Oscars night in your dorm a night to remember

    Every good party needs some nosh. Even the movie stars get a Luna or Clif bar taped under their chairs. So whip up some movie-themed treats, and maybe you’ll snag a nomination for Best Hugo-themed Cupcakes. (They give out a lot of random awards, you know.)
    I must advise, though, not to attempt any sort of themed food referencing The Help. If you’ve seen it, you’ll understand the “terrible awful” reason why.

    Oscar Night Black Tie Popcorn

    What’s a movie without popcorn? But on the movies’ biggest night of the year, this concession counter fixture needs something more than artificial butter flavoring. Here are three suggestions to spice up this movie night staple for the special occasion:

    1. Sprinkle seasoned salt on top of your popcorn – it gives it more color, daring flavor, and attitude than Fergie’s Grammy dress
    2. Melt chocolate chips in a bowl in the microwave and voila! You’ve got yourself chocolate fondue. Dip plain popcorn in the melted chocolate, or drizzle the chocolate over the popcorn. If you want to get really fancy, melt white chocolate chips in a separate bowl and drizzle over the layer of milk or dark chocolate on the popcorn.
    3. Combine butter or margarine with sugar and melt the mixture in the microwave. Pour over your popcorn and mix it all together, adding a little salt to cut the sweetness, to make the most deliciously indulgent kettle corn you’ve ever had.

    The Official Governor’s Ball Cocktail

    The Governor’s Ball is the after-party to be at for Hollywood’s A-list. If you want to get really fancy, replicate some of that elegance and refinement with the recipe for the official drink of the Governor’s Ball, Moet Red Carpet Glamour.

    Harry Potter Butterbeer

    Because the movie that marked the end of our childhood – I cried when Neville came through the portrait hole – deserves more recognition than nominations for Art Direction and Makeup. Toast to Harry and company with this staple from the Three Broomsticks.

    The Artist Black and White Cookies

    This one’s a throwback to simpler times. Go to the grocery store. Buy black and white cookies (Whole Foods carries them). Eat them and root for this ode to the Golden Age of cinema. (Oreos work for this purpose too.)

    The Descendants Tropical Fruit Punch

    Do it like George Clooney and mix together your favorite fruit juices – my choices are mango, pineapple and passion fruit. If you have a blender, you can add ice and pieces of fresh fruit to give it more of a smoothie-like texture. If you’re blenderless, another way to dress up your punch is to fill an ice cube tray with another kind of juice (I recommend orange) and freeze it to add an extra kick of flavor. 

    With these cinematic treats, I hope you all have tasty, star-studded Oscar evenings. And I hope Harry Potter wins.


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