Hot Shots

    Photo by John Meguerian / North by Northwestern.

    We take shots because they’re fast, easy and smooth — or at least they’re supposed to be. But anyone who throws back has experienced the straight shot that leaves your throat burnt but cold. These colorful concoctions are both attractive and delicious — and we’ll take a shot to that.

    Instructions: All recipes serve four. Mix ingredients with a martini shaker, then pour into four shooters.

    Rosé Shooter

    Add this shooter to the league of lip-gloss, Barbie, cherry sundaes and Molly Ringwald — this is what pink tastes like.

    2 ounces vodka
    2 ounces peach schnapps
    2 ounces cranberry juice
    A scoop of ice, in the shaker
    4 cherries, for serving

    Orange & Cream Shooter

    It’s definitely not your little brother’s orange soda float.

    2 ounces vodka
    2 ounces triple sec
    2 ounces orange soda
    Whipped cream, for serving

    Electric Green Shooter

    Are you trying to win over a special someone with your bartending skills? This shooter is so green it glows.

    2 ounces vodka
    2 ounces Midori
    2 ounces triple sec
    2 ounces pineapple orange juice

    Teal Shooter

    Spring break can’t come fast enough, so enjoy a 1.5-ounce tropical teaser.

    2 ounces tequila
    2 ounces blue curacao
    4 ounces pineapple orange juice
    1 sliced lime, for serving

    White & Purple Shooter

    Everyone is putting a spin on the phrase, so we figured we would give it a shot too. (See what we did there?)

    2 ounces vodka
    1½ ounces cranberry juice
    ½ ounce grenadine
    ½ ounce blue curacao
    1½ ounces Sprite
    Whipped cream, for serving


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