House: “Knight Fall”

    With the latest House, we take a trip back to the Middle Ages – kind of. The patient, Will, is a knight at the local Renaissance fair, pining for the affection of his friend the queen, despite her real-life engagement to the king. When Will collapses mid-fight with seizures and hemorrhaging eyes, he’s sent into House’s open arms.

    The team suspects food poisoning – but to no avail. While they continually test Will to find out what’s making him progressively sicker, Wilson’s new girlfriend and first ex-wife Samantha, stumbles upon the titular doctor, nude in his kitchen. Throughout the episode, House attempts to break the two up, but when Samantha, in spite of her feelings for House, tries to make peace, he relents. Following the termination of hostilities, House, virtuoso that he is, realizes that Will is dying from a bad reaction to the steroids he’d taken in order to beef himself up to impress the queen. Another case closed.


    The bromance between Wilson and House has actually reached significant heights. (What’s a bromance, you ask? Watch this.) We know that House is and always has been very territorial with Wilson, and that he always goes on the offensive when any callers enter into what he considers his property. We’ve seen his past vilification of Wilson’s relationship with Amber, which almost dissolved their friendship for good. It’s certainly undeniable that House’s actions may prove stronger than his actual intentions, but in this scenario, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s right on the money. Samantha, as House so eloquently put it, was a bloodsucking wife who ruined Wilson. It took him years to recover, and even afterwards, he couldn’t hold down a constant relationship. Taking all that into consideration, House’s fierce oppositition to Samantha’s reentry into Wilson’s life might actually have been necessary.

    Even more telling of House’s true dedication to his friend is his decision to not ruin Samantha by digging around in the dirt that Lucas unearthed on her. House, against both his better judgment and our expectations, threw away potentially relationship-ending material, demonstrating not only his deep commitment to Wilson, but also just how much he’s willing to subdue his own nature to see Wilson happy.


    Next week’s previews seem promising. A patient in an open marriage will surely ignite the fires under Taub and his wife. There’s Wilson and Samantha, and don’t forget House’s longing for Cuddy.


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