We open with a return visit to Doctor Nolan, House’s therapist. House begins to recount his work with a patient, a female jogger who experiences amnesia while running and runs herself into delirium. House attempts to learn more about the woman with Alvie, his ex-roommate from Mayfield Rehabilitation Clinic.

    House and Alvie eventually find the woman’s husband, whom House superimposes himself upon. Nolan prods House into admitting that he did so in reaction to his own misgivings about the relationships that have been flourishing around his life — but not in his life. After Nolan pushes too hard, the doc leaves the building.


    This episode has offers great insight into House’s internal psyche and the constant war his brain wages over his affections for Cuddy. While initially, we were led to believe that House’s unhappiness at this point in time was due to Wilson, it’s clear that in spite of him asking House to leave, House still knows that he’s the one person whom he could always turn to, no matter what. Thus we move past Wilson to the true target of his emotions: Lisa Cuddy.

    Dr. Cuddy continues to be the elusive flower that floats on the air just out of House’s reach. House plays hard to get, and Cuddy ignores. House is direct, and Cuddy ignores him. Cuddy finds a boyfriend, House acts up, and in doing so, digs himself deeper. But in this episode we see the toll this process has had on him, and how his failed attempts at wooing Cuddy — in his own special way — have wreaked havoc on House’s internal equilibrium. Where once perhaps there was a semblance of continuity and sense, he’s now truly beginning to lose perception and stance. Because of Cuddy, House is aggressively projecting his emotions onto others. With one episode left, we’ll surely see the culmination of this internal struggle externalize in some sort of confrontation between House and Cuddy.


    Pretty damn simple: Next week’s season finale looks like it has the potential to be awesome, and possibly tie up some seasonal loose ends in the process.


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