How I Met Your Mother: “Jenkins”

    Legen…wait for it…hope you’re not lactose-intolerant because the next word is DAIRY!

    Neil Patrick Harris can sing, dance and act – but can he direct? Trading in his suit for a megaphone, Harris’s work behind the cameras proves once again he’s a man of many talents. Plus 10

    Married Marshall and Lily now have to tackle… jealousy! His new co-worker, Jenkins, is infamous among the gang for downing entire cans of candied cherries, making profane gestures in company meetings and stripping atop bar tables. Marshall has led Lily to think Jenkins is a guy, when in fact, he’s a she. “She’s Jenkins!?” Plus 4

    Marshall’s nervousness at telling Lily the truth soon turns to dismay when she’s not jealous at all. He learns, with Ted and Robin’s advice, that he is the “reacher” of the relationship, and since Lily merely settled for Marshall, she has nothing to worry about when it comes to other women. Minus 5

    This notion greatly affronts Marshall, who sets out to seduce Jenkins by way of Skeeball. Plus 20

    Big Fudge. Plus 10

    A quick peck on the lips. Minus 10

    Guilty Marshall comes clean to Lily, who doesn’t believe him. Plus 3

    He persuades Jenkins to tell Lily the truth. “Just tell her it happened. That’s the important part. You don’t even need to say I’m sorry!” After hearing the truth from Jenkins, Lily punches Jenkins in the face and proceeds to beat her up. Plus 5

    Lily taking off her rings before punching Jenkins. Should’ve kept them on for more impact. Minus 10

    Medill students are taught how to conduct a successful interview — too bad Robin wasn’t given that same lecture. Her overused “but, um,” becomes a catchphrase which students drink after. “But, um” is the new drinking sensation that’s sweeping the nation. Plus 8

    After Ted tells Robin the truth, she exploits this knowledge on her show, purposely dropping even more “but, um”’s in order to exact revenge on Ted and her ardent “fans.” Ted drinking with his students. Minus 5

    Score: 30


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