How I Met Your Mother: "Garbage Island"

    Last night we finally learned the truth about Ted and Zoey. Rather than the innocent version of Ted’s imagination, it turns out she left her husband because she fell in love with Ted, which makes him “the bad guy” (a phrase they really hammered home). The Captain makes a memorable return appearance, and I realized I will miss him a lot more than Zoey will. Those two made an odd pairing but as many of HIMYM’s most outlandish plotlines, somehow it all worked. Kyle MacLachlan is so great at playing creepy but charming, (also see Desperate Housewives season 3) he should be starring in a Psycho remake.

    Photo courtesy of CBS.

    Marshall, meanwhile, realizes that he isn’t ready to give up on his dream of saving the environment, meaning that he and Lily will have to put off having children. On one hand, it feels like the show is cheating death, but likewise, I can’t blame the writers for wanting to keep the characters relatively young and bar-friendly a little bit longer. Besides, I suspect they always intended an accidental pregnancy for these two, what with all this talk of “the universe telling them what to do” via doppelgangers.

    And in other news, Barney is finally ready for a relationship! Who knew this day would come? Even after Barney fell for Robin, he was always forcing it relationship-wise, which is mostly why the two broke up. But it appears that the ultimate bachelor is looking for something serious with Nora [insert goofy smile here]. It appears playing laser tag is the way to the Barnacle’s heart (cue Robin flashback). Unlike Robin, however, who herself is a terrible commitaphobe, Nora already told Barney she’s looking for the real thing.

    I’m excited for all this new romance for Barney and Ted, even though we already know that Zed/Toey won’t last. According to Ted circa 2021, that relationship has a nasty ending. And for all Barbin/Ronney fans (myself included) I hope Barney and Nora don’t last too long either.


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