How I Met Your Mother: "Landmarks"

    For only the penultimate episode of this season of How I Met Your Mother, there were certainly a lot of resolutions to problems plaguing both the characters and the audiences this past season. The Arcadian situation is finally resolved in an unexpected but completely welcome way. Last episode Ted had a change of heart, and decided to try to preserve the Arcadian instead of destroying it. However, he discovers that if he decides to recommend it be preserved as a landmark, both he and Barney will lose their jobs. Therefore, he has to weigh his options — lose Zoey or let Barney lose his job, which he loves.

    The decision seems simple, considering Ted’s constant need to put women over everything else in his life. However, Robin explains the logic of the situation to him: In all likelihood Ted and Zoey will break up anyway because he will be so upset that he sacrificed everything just for a woman. This, coupled with a very interesting dream starring Barney dressed as the architect of the Arcadian, Ted decides that the hotel is not worth preserving. However, Zoey comes out of left field producing a tape of Ted, praising the architectural features of the hotel, which she had previously promised Ted to destroy. The friend group gathers at the bar to think of a way to convince the jury panel to let GNB destroy the Arcadian. Lily, the master of all things stealth, finally thinks up the genius solution, to take down the hotel’ lion’s head stonework, the architectural basis for preserving the hotel. With this gone, the jury decided to deny the motion to preserve the hotel, effectively ending Zoey and Ted’s doomed relationship.

    This episode was extremely necessary with regards to the plotline of the season as a whole, but it was pretty lackluster with regards to humor. However, as the penultimate episode, I don’t doubt for a second that the finale next week will be a barrel of mysteries, seasoned with a barrel of laughs.


    Zoey and Ted broke up. FINALLY. Her original endearing personality wore extremely thin by the end.

    When they are mired in a huge dilemma, the friend group would, of course, immediately decide, “Let’s buy a bar!”.

    I’m really happy that Ted put Barney’s job over siding with his girlfriend. This is a big step toward him being less of a tool and more of a man.


    Marshall, after dramatically siding with Zoey, is suddenly completely on board with The Arcadian getting torn down, which didn’t really make sense to me. Suddenly, the friend group was back together and on Barney’s side, and I wasn’t quite sure how it happened so suddenly.

    After a full season of drama, the decision about the Arcadian is decided when a tiny piece of architecture was removed? It seemed very anti-climactic for a whole season’s worth of drama. That being said, I’m going to be so happy when the wrecking ball effectively terminates that plot line for good.


    “Hey guys, I didn’t notice you over there! I was too busy being fine … and getting some gine.” — Barney, being typical

    “What exactly does Barney do at GNB?” — Lily, reiterating what we all still wonder
    “I don’t know … he has a lot of keys.” — Marshall

    “O.K., so sometimes I play chess in the park … O.K., so it’s online chess … O.K., fine, it’s just Angry Birds … O.K., I’ve never played. I can’t get it to download.” — Robin


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