How I Met Your Mother: "Rabbit or Duck"

    In the midst of my preparations for an “Anti-Valentine’s Day” Celebration, only Barney Stinson could bring a smile to my face.

    This week on How I Met Your Mother, Ted continues his quest to find his future wife, Marshall and Lily forget to fix Ted up on a blind date for Valentine’s Day, Robin attends a colleague’s apartment party and Barney is still being Barney awesome.

    Best in Show:

    • For all you football fans, the episode opens with a follow-up to Barney’s Super Bowl Ad, where he held up his phone number and told ladies to give him a call. Well, Barney now has a magical phone that rings off the hook because girl after girl after girl is calling him to hook up. If I had a magical phone like that, I wouldn’t spend my V-Day wallowing.
    • Rabbit or duck. Love or hate. A perfect metaphor for the fine line between the two. Robin is invited to her colleague’s apartment party (remember Don from the episode “The Last Cigarette Ever”? Yeah, I don’t either). He’s pulled The Naked Man on her – props, Don – but sadly, its 2/3 success rate doesn’t bode well for Don. He later apologizes for not treating her with respect – transforming from a rabbit to a duck. Aka, Robin hated him, and now she likes him.

    Worst in Show:

    • With the magical phone, Barney is unable to seal the deal, because every time the phone rings, he thinks someone hotter is on the other side. C’mon Barnacle, we have faith in you!
    • Barney gives up his magical phone?!?!?!
    • Ted asks Lily and Marshall to find him a date for Valentine’s Day. Of course, Ted is the one-grown man who needs the help of his pseudo-parents in relationships. After Barney parts with the phone, Lily and Marshall plan to use it to help Ted – only to realize that Ted’s beaten them to the punch. And now, he’s hooked, just like Barney.


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