How Mayfest spends its money

    As one of the most anticipated events on campus, Dillo Day faces high expectations every year. The group tasked with planning it all, Mayfest, comprises 68 student members who help host crowds of close to 10,000 people for a full day of concerts at Lakeside Field.

    As an “A-Status” group, Mayfest receives one of the highest allotments of Student Activities Fee funding from ASG. In recent years, that amount has increased by four to five percent annually due to consistent success and increasing funds from the Student Activities Funding Committee, say Mayfest Co-Chairs Jeremy Shpizner and Wil Heintz, both seniors. However, 15 percent of Mayfest’s total funding comes from other sources, including co-sponsorships with student organizations—like the partnership with the Resident Hall Association for Big Boi last year—and other donations.

    So, we know where all the money comes from—but where does it go? Here’s a breakdown of how Mayfest allocates its funds, according to Shpizner and Heintz*:

    *Please note that these percentages reflect what Mayfest spends as an organization, and certain Dillo Day related costs are assumed by other parties by mutual agreement and are not reflected herein.

    Production by Nicole Zhu. / North by Northwestern.


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