How to deal with them

    Those wacky Brits are at it again. England has a squirrel problem according to The New York Times (including some sort of war-like situation in “Squirreltown”), and to deal with said problem it’s becoming more popular to eat squirrels. Not all squirrels are getting devoured…only grey squirrels. Red squirrels are spared from the dinner table. Oh, and here is another Times article about eating squirrel. Finest newspaper in the land, folks.

    Feeling depressed? Well, lets bust out videos of squirrels living life to the fullest to turn that frown upside down. Just look at this guy, not being eaten.

    Here, a squirrel interacts with a cat, and isn’t the cat’s meal.

    This squirrel faces off against a tribe of turkeys. Again, not gobbled up.

    One last squirrel, not in an oven or in a frying pan or pressed under a George Foreman grill.

    Props go to staffer Dagny Salas for finding the article about this great practice.


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