How to dress as these six politicians for Halloween

    If Halloween and midterm elections are your two favorite things in the world (of course they are), this is just the right time of the year for you. And what better way to combine the two than dressing as a politician this Friday?

    But which one, you ask? We've got you covered.

    1. John Boehner

    This idea is easy. Just put on a suit, carve a pumpkin (preferably in the “Boehner Beige” color) with a sad face and put it right on your head. No spray tan is necessary and you’ll practically look identical to the Speaker of the House.

    2. Mitch McConnell

    If you want to gear up as the minority leader of the Senate, simply pretend to be a turtle in a suit. Done. Occasionally reward yourself with lettuce after successfully shutting down Harry Reid and the evil democrats.

    3. Joe Biden

    This one’s a classic. While you will probably never be as attractive as Joe Biden when you’re 71, you can at least try this Halloween. Put on some aviators, a receding hairline, and a big Biden smile – you may just convince some students on campus of your new identity as the vice president.

    4. Sarah Palin

    Although Palin has been out of public mockery for quite some time now, you still cannot go wrong dressing as the former governor of Alaska and now-reality TV star (You heard that right, kids). Make yourself look like the professional you are, throw around some buzzwords and feel the Tea Party vibes.

    5. Hillary Clinton

    With this one, you pretty much just pretend you know what you’re doing, radiate swagger and have hordes of obsessed college kids follow your every move. Embrace a stern look and a monochromatic outfit in the color of your choice, and you’ll be good to go.

    6. Angus King, Jr.

    If you’re just too indy to dress as a mainstream politician, go with the man that sports a big mustache and spews wise words. A proper Senator King costume does require a well grown and trimmed push broom, in addition to a suit. No beef patties are involved.


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