How to dress for Dance Marathon
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    In the midst of worrying how you are going to stay awake and energized for 30 hours, it’s easy to forget about one of the most crucial pieces to the Dance Marathon puzzle: your outfits. Have no fear, Life and Style is here to plan your outfits, so you look fab (but also stay comfy) for all thirty hours of DM.

    First of all, wear comfy shoes. I am forgoing any sort of style on my feet because I know they will be going through a lot this weekend. They will thank you when it’s all said and done. #protip: Bring flip flops and comfy tennis shoes, alternating them every few blocks. #DYK: If you don’t change your shoes and socks on a regular basis you will probably develop trenchfoot and need your feet cut off like these WWI soldiers.

    Block 1: Baby Got Backpack

    Teams usually make shirts for this block, so I’ll be focusing on the accessories and bottom half.

    You could take this literally and wear a backpack, but that would be cumbersome. Instead, I suggest a fanny pack or a satchel of sorts. That way you can have your snacks near you at all times #majorkey 🔑 .

    You could also take this theme one step further and make Sir Mix-A-Lot proud by showing off your backside with some tight spandex. 

    Block 2: Middle School Dance

    Girls (and guys with long hair), I expect 100 percent of you to have your hair in a side-ponytail. The next must is puffy skirt (think the one that everyone wears to football games). The guy equivalent is a shiny, satin tie. If you want to take it one step further, brightly colored eyeshadow is a plus.

    Block 3: Dance Memeathon

    There are so many things you can do with this theme. Some ideas are wearing white vans à la “Damn Daniel," taping your favorite meme to your shirt or inventing your own meme about yourself or your team.

    Block 4: Skype Interview

    Some may choose to go the route of pajama pants and a fancy top, but I think you will get too hot doing so. My suggestion is a nice pair of loose boxers. Find your favorite pattern and ROCK IT. On top, a short-sleeved shirt to let your body air out after hours of sweaty dancing. After all, Skype interviewers only see your shoulders and up.

    Block 5: Star Wars: The Block Awakens

    Exchange your side-ponytail for two space-buns. You could channel your inner Chewbacca and wear a fur vest, but that might not be conducive to stay cool. Alternative option: Wear a white bathrobe to be Princess Leia or Luke.

    Block 6: What Team? Wildcats

    Two words: Purple everything. 

    Block 7: 80s Workout Video

    My suggestion is to wear a bright purple bottom for Block 6, and carry it into Block 7. So versatile! Sweatbands are a must, both the arm ones and the head ones. Finally, a neon top to seal the deal. 

    Block 8: Set Fire to the Rainbow

    Paint your face to match the snapchat filter, wear every colored item you own, spray paint your hair, wear a morphsuit – the world is really your oyster with this one. You get T-Shirts for the next two blocks, so Block eight is really your time to go out with a bang!

    By now you’re probably pretty worn out and are officially done with dancing, themes and constantly hearing music. Wear the shirt you’re given with some comfy bottoms and sensible shoes and end the day (night?) on a high note. 


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