How to make your frat party drink better
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    It’s Friday night, you’ve had a particularly brutal week, and all you want is a bit of a buzz and some relaxation. But when you show up at the party, grab a drink and take your first sip, you realize it’s pure swill. How ever will you make it through a night of drinking these vile concoctions? Luckily, you don’t have to, thanks to these handy tips on how to make your frat drinks a little less frat and a little more appetizing.

    1) Add Beer

    No, seriously. Nothing neutralizes the unsavory taste of a frat party mixed drink like watering it down with some ice cold Natty Lite. It might not seem logical to distill alcohol with alcohol, but neither drink is particularly strong, and adding the two together nullifies the harsher flavors of mixing cheap liquor with cheap mixers. You might not be able to get your hands on much else to mix with your drink in a cramped sweaty basement, so this could be your best bet.

    2) Gummy Bears

    Childish? Maybe. But gummy bears could add an extra kick to your otherwise awful frat drink. Bring a handful to throw into your drink to make it infinitely more palatable. Alcohol-infused gummy bears are some of the most delicious bites you can get at a party, so just because your hosts for the evening chose not to make them doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to enjoy something sweet.

    3) Drink It Immediately

    I’m not encouraging binge drinking, but the fact of the matter is your mix of Skol and orange soda is not going to get any better the longer you let it warm up in a 90-degree space that smells like a gym locker room. Why do you think people play drinking games? They’re not that fun, but they're great ways to kill that cup without thinking about how it actually tastes.

    4) Raid the Kitchen

    This is only an option at some places, but if you can gain access to the kitchen you can certainly save your drink. Most of the ingredients for parties are bought with cost in mind, so if you want something better you may have to go rogue and find your own ingredients. Just don’t get caught, or else your issue will become how to get off the blacklist.

    5) Bring Your Own Chaser

    Chances are whatever alcohol you have in your room isn’t much better than the drinks you’re going to get at a party. The difference between Natty Lite and PBR isn’t going to make or break your evening. That said, the difference between drinking actual Coke and Dr. Chill could be a major factor. Subtlety is key as most frats aren’t going to let you bring drinks into a party, alcoholic or otherwise, but in the winter, with bags and bulky coats, it’s far from impossible.


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