How to reenact romantic scenes, Northwestern style

    Romance isn't usually the first thing that comes to mind when looking upon Northwestern, but with these movie reenactments, you may start looking at campus in a different light. Pick a favorite scene, grab a significant other and get a little adventurous. 

    1. Lake sceneThe Notebook

    Photo by Sunny Kang / North by Northwestern

    The lake scene from The Notebook is one of the most recognizable scenes in Ryan Gosling’s filmography. So obviously, you have to go to the Lakefill. Steal some of the crew team’s equipment and reenact this scene. Put on your favorite blue dress or do what you can to have a scruffy beard. You and your significant other can row out to the parts of the Lakefill that aren’t frozen over. Make sure not to scare any of the ducks away and try to wait until some intense precipitation hits before getting out. Since nobody writes snail mail anymore, you’re going to have to improvise a little. “I Snapchatted you every day for a quarter!” you scream, the sleet-slush stinging your face.

    2. Library scene, Beauty and the Beast

    Photo by Sunny Kang / North by Northwestern

    Don’t lie – we’ve all walked around Deering Library at least once while fantasizing about either Hogwarts or our own future book collections. In this case, you’ll be fulfilling at least one of those fantasies by getting your date up the stairs of Deering and surprising them with the library, Beauty and the Beast-style. No bestiality required! The librarian might stare at you and your date, though. If done right, you will be wearing what is basically a Chewbacca costume.

    3. Chamber of Secrets makeoutHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

    Photo by Sunny Kang / North by Northwestern

    Speaking of Hogwarts, why not take a casual trip into the steam tunnels to reenact the long-awaited kiss between Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2? To add a little drama, find a Dark Lord to slay or just mention the organic chemistry midterm you have coming up. Bonus: stay true to the book by making sure you have a third wheel come along and bear witness!

    4. Nico sceneThe Royal Tenenbaums

    Photo by Sunny Lee / North by Northwestern

    The sleepy Nico song from the bus scene in The Royal Tenenbaums will be the perfect tune to play as you get out of one of the shuttles that stop in front of Tech. This might prove to be a tricky reenactment, though, because the shuttle might never come. Just try not to get hit by a car as you cross Sheridan while lugging around a heavy fur coat.


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