How we grew up: reflections on different parenting styles
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    Tiger Mom, otherwise known as Yale professor Amy Chua, is back in the news again. Earlier this month, she and her husband Jen Rubenfeld published The Triple Package, a book that argues that some ethnicities are more geared towards economic success compared to others.

    She isn't stranger to controversy thanks to her 2011 book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, which describes her strict parenting style, borrowed from her own parents, which she used to bring up her children Sophia and Lulu. Amidst the lack of playdates and hours before a violin, she accepted nothing less than perfection from her children. She argued that she was acting in the best interests of her children to ensure they had the potential to succeed in life. 

    Certainly, we must have succeeded by getting into Northwestern University and surviving in this hypercompetitive school, but still we were the product of vastly different parenting styles along this 'scale of strictness.' Here, our writers reflect on their own upbringings.

    Production by Sam Hart / North by Northwestern.
    Images by Art G., Arran ET, striatic and Doug88888 on Flickr. All images licensed under Creative Commons.


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