"I heart minorities," and other political truisms

    Whoever called us “apathetic” can eat their heart out after this week at Northwestern: With left-leaning, right-leaning, and Heath Ledger-leaning student groups all volleying for our attention, it was easy to feel politically incorrect, uncomfortable, and – who knew? – even a little opinionated.

    We woke up on Martin Luther King Jr. Day feeling thoroughly obligated to go to an event. Then we rolled over and went back to sleep. It’s true, attendance at Monday’s events was lower than in years past, but that didn’t stop Bobb-McCulloch from picking up where the rest of us left off. Some generous residents wrote comments on the MLK banner downstairs like, “I <3 Minorities" and "Need more Asians.” (Duly noted, we’re sure.)

    The feminists brought the clothes hangers, but Islam Awareness Week brought the noise: Turntables and rappers presented by the Muslim-cultural Student Association took everyone a little by surprise at McCormick Tribune Center. But it was a welcome change from the rote speechifying — future guests should remember that cultural awareness is always better communicated with a sick beat.

    Award for most stomach-churning activism goes to the supporters of the LaRouche Political Action Committee stationed at the Arch and Tech, who talked our ears off about the evils of the Internet, as if we didn’t already know that Facebook took the “is” out of its profile statuses. At least they had a funny pamphlet, called “Is The Devil in Your Laptop?”

    After having so much hot, steamy agenda thrown at you, clearly what you needed was a brisk, cold shower to wash it all off: You’re in luck! Green Cup, the most masochistic event of the year, has commenced, and this time it’s six weeks long.

    Speaking of apathetic, Illinois State Senator Frank Watson advised us Wednesday night against majoring in political science because it’s not “marketable” enough. Good old Watson Jr. majored in communication, or as he calls it, “hand-shaking” – and we’re pretty sure that’s all communication students have to do.

    Use the weekend to recharge your drained political stamina. You’ll need it when debating which frat to get drunk at Thursday night. Hey, better to get in your Thirsty Thursdays now, because soon they’ll be gone. And then Bobb residents might actually have to go out and meet a minority.


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