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    It can be difficult to find new hookups, or even new relationships, when school isn’t in session. All the bars at home are filled with your high school classmates, and let’s face it: Your summer internship doesn’t leave you with enough time or energy for socializing with romance in mind. Some people are too busy or too shy to find dates in their free time — but now they can use their smartphones to do just that. Mobile dating is the new online dating. Several apps have been released in the past year that connect users, keeping privacy and mutual selection in mind. The advantage of mobile dating apps is that users aren’t stuck at their computers all day browsing profiles and pondering analytics. Instead, they’re able to plan dates on the go. With the surge in popularity of mobile dating, there is a wide variety of apps that accommodate different types of users and promise to help them find that special someone. This summer, love might be just a download away.

    Tinder: for the discerning user
    After signing into this iOS application, users scroll through photos and either hit a green heart to “like” a person or an “X” to move along. Sure, it’s satisfying to judge users by photos and ages, but it’s even more fun to get matched, because that means someone you like also thinks you’re cute. Throw personality matching out the window – for Tinder users, getting in touch is all about the face.

    Bang With Friends: for the promiscuous user
    If you’re down for the friends with benefits thing and have lots of attractive Facebook friends, there’s an app for that. Bang With Friends allows users to get to know their Facebook friends in a much more intimate way. By selecting your bangable buddies and being selected as bangable yourself, you’ll get confirmation so you can get on with planning your totally non-awkward night in.

    Grindr and Brenda: for the LGB user
    Grindr connects men with interested men, and Brenda connects women with interested women, each allowing users to forego awkward initial questions regarding sexuality. Both apps use proximity to suggest casual interactions. And there’s no shortage of potential partners with these apps: Grindr has amassed more than 6 million users worldwide. With Grindr and Brenda, the chance to meet other singles is literally at your fingertips.

    Crazy Blind Date: for the daring user
    Those who care less about Mr. or Ms. Right and more about having a fun date will enjoy using Crazy Blind Date to meet new people. This app asks users where they want to meet up and when, then connects them with others interested in the same dates. The kicker is that users’ identities are hidden until they meet for the first time, maintaining ultimate privacy for anyone shy about using a dating service. It’s the perfect opportunity to grab a nice dinner or see a show with someone new—provided both parties are brave enough to show up for the blind date.


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