If You Are The One: A search for your soulmate
  • Many students, mostly of Chinese origin, were at the event supporting their friends and acquaintances. Two students in the audience made banner to support one male participant.
  • Female participants and the audience watch a video of a “special talent” presentation of one male participant.
  • Weinberg freshman David Wang explains his preferred type of girl to the audience.
  • Weinberg senior Ding Wang, a male participant, makes his choice between three female participants.
  • Fan confesses his liking for Weinberg sophomore Mandy Liu, who later rejects him.
  • Event hosts Robert Wan and Bonnie Zhang, sophomores in Weinberg and School of Communication, are introducing the rules of the event to the audience.
  • Female participants wait to be seated on stage as the event is about to start.
  • George Fan, a Communication junior, presents himself in front of the female participants and the audience.
Photos by Missy Chen / North by Northwestern

Students sought for their match-made-in-heaven as the Chinese International Student Association (CISA) hosted their annual flash dating event, “If You Are the One” Friday, Feb. 5th, in response to the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

The event was inspired by a popular Chinese television variety show of the same name, in which male participants come up to the stage one-by-one to present themselves, while female participants waiting on stage decide whether or not to "hit the button" and choose to date the male participant. If multiple female participants are willing to date the male participant, the decision is in the male participant’s hand, as he could pick his favorite out of the females that have chosen him.

Four out of the six male participants were able to walk out this day holding female participants' hands. Some couples knew each other but some others barely did.

This is the fifth year that the Chinese International Student Association hosted this event. Throughout the years, many participants left the room successfully matched.


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