If you can't make it fun, you might as well make it free

    Washing your clothes in campus laundry rooms, like this one in Plex, will be free until the end of next week. Photo by Hallie Busta / North by Northwestern

    In an e-mail sent out to students living on campus with “Free laundry!” as the subject heading, Ryan C. Reinhart, assistant director of university residential life, announced that doing laundry on campus will be free “through the end of next week.”

    To learn more about how the new laundry system will work, read the full e-mail sent out by ResLife here.

    The e-mail thanks students for their “patience as the laundry issues get resolved,” as ResLife makes changes to how laundry systems work on campus.

    Another e-mail sent out over residential listservs explains how the new laundry system will work. The CashStripe on student WildCARDs will no longer be used to pay for laundry. Instead, laundry will be paid for using Munch Money. Be wary, adding to your Munch Money balance can take up to 48 hours, so don’t count on being able to do laundry immediately after adding money. However, Munch Money accounts can be set up to refill automatically when your account drops below $30.


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