In memoriam of the Stranger Things themed pop-up bar in Logan Square
Photos by Charlotte Hu / North by Northwestern

Take a virtual tour of The Upside Down: a Stranger Things themed pop-up bar located in Logan Square's Emporium Popup space. The pop-up saw its last customers Oct. 1, but the space will reopen soon with a new Halloween theme: The House of the Dead. The bar featured iconic decorative piece plucked straight out of the show, hidden references and creatively concocted cocktails. It has become a viral sensation since its opening on Aug. 17, taking advantage of the hiatus between the end of the show's first season and the premiere of the second. If you didn't get a chance to see it before it closed, living vicariously through this slideshow is probably the next best thing.

But don't worry, season two of Stranger Things will be available on Netflix on Oct. 27. 


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