In Photos: Kai School Musical brings Filipino twist to an American favorite
  • Weinberg junior Joanna Ko and Weinberg freshman Giovanni Gamalong open up the show with their renditions of the Philippine and American national anthems. The show explored the complexities of having a Filipino-American identity.
  • SESP senior Christine Farolan and Communication junior Dominique Teoh have a starring moment in a traditional Sayaw Sa Bangko. The Sayaw Sa Bangko is a traditional dance during which couples showcase their sense of balance as they hop between levels of narrow benches.
  • Sharpay and Ryan, played by Ko and Gamalong, react with frustration when they learn that they will not be starring in the Mabuhay Cultural Show. The Mabuhay Cultural Show highlighted the richness of Filipino culture.
  • The drama teacher (played by Medill senior Jackie Montalvo) looks on as Gabs Montez and Boy Bolton (Weinberg freshman Angie Jose and Gamalog, who took on two roles) audition for the Mabuhay Cultural Show.
  • Jose and Gamalong capture the chemistry between Gabs Montez and Boy Bolton in this musical number. Their relationship serves as the driving force behind the show’s plot.
  • Friends and families of the performers are invited up on stage for some mid-show line dancing. Audience participation livened up intermission, giving cast members time to prepare for the show’s second act.
  • Kaibigan’s members perform a Kinakulangan number, a traditional dance depicting the elite status of Maranao women. The show featured a wide range of traditional dances from various regions of the Philippines.
Photos by Rachel Epstein / North by Northwestern

Kaibigan, Northwestern’s Filipino students association, presented their annual Pinoy Show on Saturday. This year’s show Kai School Musical brought to life the story of Gabs Montez and Boy Bolton. Combining High School Musical hits with traditional Filipino dances, the members of Kaibigan portrayed Boy’s struggle to balance his Filipino heritage with his basketball team. Highlight moments included a video of Northwestern students trying to say Filipino tongue twisters and a tribute to Kaibigan’s graduating seniors. The show, which took place in Tech auditorium, ran for about two hours and was followed by free Filipino cuisine for the audience.


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