In Photos: ReFusionShaka does not disappoint
  • Boomshaka performs a piece with drumsticks and wooden poles.
  • Fusion Dance Company, which focuses on urban/hip-hop dance, runs their first number.
  • The Fusion wardrobe featured a matching set of jackets.
  • Striking a pose, Fusion closes their first routine of the night.
  • The Refresh breakdancers showcase their skills for the crowd.
  • Refresh Dance Crew, the largest of the three groups, takes the stage.
  • Refresh showcased urban style dance with large group numbers.
  • Refresh dancers continue through their set.
  • Boomshaka performs with their trademark garbage cans and drum sticks.
  • Boomshaka specializes in rhythym and percussion pieces, including step dances.
Photos by Ethan Dlugie / North by Northwestern

This past weekend, student dance groups Refresh, Fusion and Boomshaka joined together for their annual ReFusionShaka dance show in Cahn Auditorium.


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