In Photos: Where the Wild Things Are
  • Max (Gubman) sings the Wild Things a lullaby as he prepares to leave them for home. The show focused on themes of loneliness, leaving and homecomings.
  • After returning home, Max tells the audience a story of the “wildest rumpus of all.”
  • Max (Roll) beckons his crew, Wild Things, and audience to follow.
  • Crew and audience alike carouse in a “wild rumpus,” running towards their next destination. However, exuberant participation was not required—at the show’s beginning, Harris reminded attendees that “mild can be wild.”
  • Led by the Maxes and Wild Things, the audience runs through a path towards the Block Museum.
  • A Wild Thing (Communication senior Daniel Stompor) lights a sparkler. The rain outside made lighting it harder than anticipated, but audience members helped shield the lighter from the rain.
  • In the midst of a dramatic storm, the crew and audience mime bailing out Max’s ship. Communication junior Ross Cohen catches a fellow Wild Thing, saving her from nearly falling out of the ship.
  • A Wild Thing (Communication junior Andrea Canizares-Fernandez), joyously rumpuses on Norris’ East Lawn to the delight of audience members.
  • The three Maxes (Communication sophomore Jeremy Gubman, junior Juliet Roll and senior Elise Ammondson) throw a tantrum after being scolded. The show began on the south lawn of the Norris University Center, but made use of much of South Campus through its 50-minute run.
  • Co-directors of Where the Wild Things Are, Communication sophomores Cammy Harris and Connor Lifson, introduce the audience to the show. Wild Things, an immersive, site-specific show, was adapted by Communication junior Shara Feit and produced by WAVE Productions.
Photos by Emma Sarappo / North by Northwestern


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