In Photos: World Dumpling Festival
  • Perfect Pasta, Inc. - homemade pasta makers based in Addison, IL - created Gnocchi in Browned Butter and Jalapeno stuffed Gnocchi for the event.
  • Members of “Lion Dancers” beat out a rhythm while two others enact the traditional Asian Lion Dance in costume.
  • ”Grandis Lithuanian Performers” present their lively ballet-like traditional dance.
  • Hana Mubashiruddin shows off the origami bat she made at the Japanese American Historical Society of Chicago craft station.
  • Members of “Bollywood Groove” await their turn to perform. In their last number, the group split from just one large group on the floor to one on the floor and a smaller one on stage. The two groups then participated in a sort of “dance-off”.
Dumplings world-wide were being celebrated at the first World Dumpling Fest on Saturday. Held by Chicago Cultural Alliance, the event was part of a larger event called Inherit Chicago – a month-long festival comprised of different events throughout the city to showcase the cultural diversity of Chicago. Aside from delicious dumplings from restaurants around the city, the Dumpling Fest included performances from various cultural groups, children’s crafts and cultural art vendors.


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