Jon Stewart: The perfect prescription for the election blues

    The Presidential Election is tomorrow, November 4th. It marks the climax of several months of political debate and will determine the future of our nation. Indeed, this has been a momentous (if stressful) time for American citizens. I’m sure we’ve all had nightmares of the horror that would occur should our candidates lose.

    At times like these, there’s little more comforting than looking back in time and reflecting upon the crises we’ve endured as a nation. Reliving the shock and impromptu unity in the days immediately following the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001 is an especially cathartic experience. In this time of partisanship and internal division, it can be difficult to remember that in times of crisis, we’ve always managed to pull our act together, unite, and endure.

    On the eve of the Presidential Election, this all seems mushy and perhaps even overly-optimistic. But this is Netplay. I’m not here to do all the talking. So here’s a speech Jon Stewart gave on the September 20, 2001 episode of The Daily Show. It may not soothe all your worries, but it’s a moving testament to the humanity and level-headed American optimism that we can all use the day before the next chapter in history is written.


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