Insect lovers, turn away: Japanese Bug Fights

    OK, lets get this out of the way right now. I do NOT endorse any sort of animal-on-animal violence. I love dogs, cats, elk and every other animal on this wonderful planet. I think people like Michael Vick need to be beaten with sticks for the terrible things they do to dogs. So PETA, I’m not a deranged lunatic.

    But I really, really, really hate bugs.

    The Japanese (who, just one post ago, gave us a lovely and non-lethal flash game) present Bug Fights. The premise, put two bugs (say, a scorpion and an armored beetle) into a container, and see which still squirms after a few minutes. In theory this is weird and sick, forcing innocent buggies to wage war against one another. But, then you watch a hornet ruin a praying mantis’ stuff, and you are in awe. This stuff is horribly watchable (blue crab vs. beetle? Don’t mind if I do!), even if you have to be a sadist to really enjoy this. Here is an example, a scorpion fighting some sort of biggie-sized beetle. Again, bug lovers, don’t watch:

    I don’t endorse this in anyway, I just watch and am drawn in. And besides, compared to 2 Girls 1 Cup, this is Seaseme Street.


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