Inspired by Sound: Silent screams
    This is part of our series called “Inspired By Sound,” where writers use a song as the muse for their story. This piece by Isabelle Johnson takes influence from "The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows" by Brand New.

    away I fly from vultures of the past

    Silent Speeches of vicious hearts.

    we hide our spiteful love that burns within

    drive by cliffsides and dazed roadside starts.

    beneath a veil of Scars, we take our flight

    of dented windows and dented Souls.

    i’m damaged goods emerged from broken glass.

    hidden lesions – I can’t ever be whole.

    So keep these lies but leave the Soundless Still?

    fuck these lowercases and capitals,

    the endless sorrow hating sows,

    the quiet things that no one ever knows.


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