Ask NBN: the answers to all your questions

    Why is Northwestern the way it is? Why do things cost what they do? Why do certain institutions exist? Our university is vast and full of mystery (that's why Tech is so big – it's full of secrets!), and we're setting out to understand it. Whether that means digging through the archives for a historical perspective or picking up the phone to make some calls and confirm price tags, we're putting an end to your (and our) curiosity.

    But we can't do this alone. Send us your question to, and we'll do our best to track down an answer. We've got a team of reporters waiting to figure out how to explain the culture and inner workings of our campus. Check back here for the growing list of everything we've learned.

    Why are fraternities moving out of Peanut Row?
    Who does Northwestern's landscaping?
    Where does WNUR gets its music?
    How much money does Northwestern make through bowl games?
    Why is Sheridan Road the way it is?
    How do departments assign course numbers?
    Why does NU offer zero credit classes?
    How do dorms get new furniture?
    What's the deal with hot cookie bar?
    Is the Freshman 15 a myth?
    What resources does Northwestern offer LGBTQ students?


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