Introducing...the MacBook Air?
By and are making some pretty convincing conclusions about Apple’s rumored, sub-notebook laptop. Predictions hit the fan after banners that read “there’s something in the air” went up at the Moscone Center where Macworld is being held. The MacBook Air, as they are calling it, will be priced around $1,500.

    I thought in my last post that Apple’s re-entry into the sub-notebook market would be with a sub-$1000 laptop. Guess I was wrong.

    What’s supposedly in the MacBook Air?

    • New Intel chips
    • NAND (flash-based) hard drive
    • No optical (CD/DVD) drive

    Well, only 1 Day, 16 hours, 21 minutes, 29 seconds and counting until Steve Jobs takes the stage for his opening keynote. But who’s counting?

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