iPods causing crime wave

    A research firm is now arguing that gadgets, like the iPod, are one of the main reasons why violent crime rose in 2005 to 2006.

    The firm’s main argument is that robberies saw massive reductions in the 1990’s. However, they saw a huge jump by the time 2005 came around. In terms of iPods, Apple sold around 5 million by 2004, but by 2006 they sold nearly 42 million. Someone better call Stephen Levitt.

    It’s true that everyone and their mother is sporting these little white headphones. Additionally, Apple has little to no recourse in tracking down stolen pods. In talking with an Apple store employee, they mentioned that they are not allowed deny service to an iPod owner even it the name associated with the iPod’s serial number is different from the name of the person in the store. While I can see why this is a policy – Apple doesn’t want to get involved in any lawsuits – they should have some way of locking down a stolen iPod.

    And as the picture above indicates, when you – the hipster – is walking down the street, the mugger will always be twice your size…and wearing a large coat. Watch out.

    [via Wired and Flickr]


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