Itchy sloths or how I lost the right to post cat pictures

    Cute Animal Blog does a great job. Too great a job, it seems. After a long-stretch of cat and dog dominated posts, coupled with two cat related articles hitting NBN tonight (one of those is more sock-ish though…), my higher-ups have informed me I need to post a more “exotic” animal at the moment. I’ll avoid triggering a debate about this forced adorable affirmative action to this blog, but if HBO’s John Adams has taught me anything it is that our founding fathers risked life and powdered wig for the freedom to blog about whatever puppy they wanted to, and I hope to see all the deserving cats and dogs make a reappearance on this blog in the near future (most likely tomorrow, when my higher-ups once again try to forget they green-lit this blog in the first place).

    Also: this sloth scratches himself a lot.


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