It's Late Night...with Jimmy Fallon?

    So it’s final. Jimmy Fallon will be taking Conan O’Brien’s spot on Late Night in 2009, when Conan moves up to The Tonight Show slot.

    Is anyone else super not excited about this? Conan is a cute, smart, quirky goof. Jimmy is a cute, smart, quirky goof. The reason Conan was so popular was that he was such a breath of fresh air after Jay’s mainstream Masshole shtick. I don’t think I’ve seen Jimmy Fallon in anything since his departure from SNL (except, of course, the cinematic masterpiece “Taxi,” costarring Queen Latifah). So why him?

    Now, I’m not spouting some feminist nonsense, because we all know that a woman’s place is on daytime chat shows, but we could have gone a bit differently, no? Wouldn’t Rob Corddry work? How about SNL alum Tim Meadows? And Patton Oswalt would be awesome.

    All I know is that if Jimmy’s first monologue is five minutes of his Jerry Seinfeld and Adam Sandler impressions, I’m watching “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

    (Seriously, though, Jimmy’s impressions are awesome.)

    Correction — May 12, 2008: This article originally stated that Conan O’Brien hosts “The Late Show“. He in fact hosts Late Night. Thanks to commenter Bucky O’Hare for the correction.


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