It's like that creepy uncle that follows your sister around...only worse


    Despite desperate pleas to my extended family to STOP sending me those annoying forwards (most specifically e-mails threatening death if I don’t forward them on to some ridiculous amount of people), my dearest kinfolk still manage to spam my inbox almost every day.

    So I’ve decided that if I’m going to have to waste my time reading them, then why not waste yours by posting them?

    FORWARD #1
    DATE RECEIVED – 12.09.06
    OFFENDER My supposedly “Texan” step-mother. Let’s admit it, this e-mail speaks otherwise.
    E-MAIL -

    I find this interesting…

    1. Open Google
    2. Type in the word failure
    3. Click the “I’m feeling lucky” button…….see what happens

    MY USELESS COMMENTARY – Even though Bush-Bashing is way overplayed these days, this little trick is actually kind of funny…



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