Jump for joy

    Photos courtesy of Facebook and Disney Channel

    While Austin may have the innocent, dazzling smile of Steve Carell circa 2005, Matt and Jazzy have the undeniable pep and pizazz of the High School Musical cast.

    Granted, High School Musical is one of those things I feel like I’m allowed to hate without ever having really seen or experienced it, like Justin Bieber music videos or sorority rush. But that doesn’t mean I hate Matt and Jazzy’s campaign team. In fact, I must admit how impressed I am by the success of their jumping photo. When a group of people attempt such a difficult feat, there’s always that one kid who ruins everything. But not here, not here. If Matt and Jazzy can successfully organize a team jumping photo, just imagine their ability to organize a student government.

    But Team MJ must remember to stay grounded. As far as elections go, it’s still all up in the air.


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