Kanyewestern in memes

    Although Kanye West never finished college, many of us can relate to his songs on academics, alcohol and relationships. A few single-serving Tumblrs have taken his relatable lyrics and given us a few perfect portmanteaux that blend things together to create some seamless cultural harmony. Kanye West Wing and Kanye Wes Anderson are just a few popular examples of Yeezy-related blogs, and now it's time for Northwestern to shine. No more defending Northwestern's weird name to people who think it's in Washington. No more explaining how our school was built on the Northwest Territories. Regarding its name, everything has been leading up to this moment for Northwestern. We're one of the only schools that's thisgood and also has the word "west" in it for ideal Kanye application. So what better way to get creative than to apply this Chicago-raised rapper’s lyrics onto a few scenes of Northwestern?

    Dance Marathon/"Power Remix" Photo by Kerri Pang / North by Northwestern.
    Graduation/"Hey Mama" Photo by Natalie Krebs / North by Northwestern.
    University President Morton Schapiro/"Stronger" Photo by Katherine Tang / North by Northwestern.
    The Keg/"Bittersweet Poetry" Photo by Sunny Lee / North by Northwestern.
    Dillo Day/"Can't Tell Me Nothing" Photo by Tom Giratikanon / North by Northwestern.


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