Keep your cool

    There’s nothing more gratifying than exchanging that knee-length North Face for a cardigan, no matter how interminably gradual that transition can be. And as we spend this last quarter basking in the warmth — fingers crossed — our drink choices should alter with the seasons. Ditch that grande nonfat caramel macchiato with skim milk that was your constant companion throughout Winter Quarter.

    Carolina Honey Breeze
    Argo Tea: Small $3.25 | Medium $3.95 | Large $4.25

    This drink emulates the sweet tea of the South and is made with loose leaf tea for a full flavor.

    Iced coffee
    Peet's Coffee & Tea: Small $1.80 | Medium $1.95 | Large $2.05

    Peet’s does this classic right — and cheap! This is a great companion for library nights that turn into mornings.

    Strawberry Tropical Freeze
    Joy Yee's Noodles: One size | $3.50

    This is Joy Yee’s take on a classic strawberry smoothie, with great consistency — not too thick, but also not too runny. Be sure to finish off the chewy tapioca pearls at the bottom.

    Arctic Mocha
    Cosi: Tall $3.49 | Grande $3.99 | Gigante $4.59

    Coffee and chocolate blended into a frappe-like consistency with fewer calories from fat than a standard Starbucks Frappuccino — does it get any better?

    Candyland Shake
    Kafein: Regular $4.95 | Large $5.95

    The combination of Oreo, Butterfinger and Heath in one drink with your choice of vanilla or chocolate ice cream should violate the laws of excessive deliciousness. Notify the proper authorities.


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