Kellogg releases results of Super Bowl Advertising Review

    The results of the 10th annual Kellogg Super Bowl Advertising Review named Volkswagen, Microsoft, Heinz, Cheerios, Budweiser and Butterfinger as the most successful advertisers of this year’s Super Bowl.

    “What I noticed this year is that we saw a lot more emotional, more inspirational-focused ads,” said Derek Rucker, Chaired Professor of Marketing. “I really liked the Cheerios ad, just because it gave a really simple message in a fun and engaging way.”

    This year there was an unusual amount of pre-game hype about the commercials, according to the Advertising Review blog.

    “Never has the world seen such massive hype and discussion about advertising; during the two weeks leading up to the game, companies released dozens of teaser spots and social media campaigns,” the blog read.

    The group of almost 60 Kellogg students also named some of the least successful advertisers: CarMax, Subway and Audi. According to the Advertising Review blog, the slow-clapping in CarMax’s ad seemed negative and insincere. They said Subway’s ad seemed like a generic ad and was not up to Super Bowl standards. They also said Audi’s Doberman-Chihuahua hybrid distracted from the message of the commercial.

    The reviews are based on the ADPLAN Review Criteria, which evaluates how well the commercial engages the audience, executes a unique delivery and represents the appropriate category. The criteria also evaluate whether or not the brand will be remembered, whether viewers reacted favorably and whether the ad was consistent with the brand’s history and reputation.


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