Kittens playing with food

    Disclaimer: The regular, professional cute animal blogger Patrick St. Michel is currently road-tripping his way back to Evanston after covering the women’s lacrosse final in Towson, MD. This is Daniel Camponovo, filling in.

    So I went to Hinman dining hall for lunch today and saw the choices were slim pickings as usual on a Sunday. I walked to the salad bar, and lo and behold, there was a bowl of the yellowest, most delicious looking pineapple I had ever seen. It was fantastic, and it got me thinking, hey, humans aren’t the only ones that can enjoy delicious, succulent fruit.

    Here’s a video of a cat going crazy for some pineapple, just like me.

    Here’s a cat struggling (cutely!) against a watermelon.

    I guess this one doesn’t exactly count as “fruit” per se, but it’s fruit-flavored, and it’s adorable.

    And here’s one where the cat is in the food bowl. Couldn’t you just eat him up?


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