Scrape together last-minute themed outfits for DM

    You didn't have enough time to pack, so you grabbed everything shiny in your closet and threw it into a duffle bag without a clue of how they will make up outfits during DM’s 10 blocks. What now? Because Tim Gunn isn’t around to help you, here are some suggestions for how to look spirited and put-together throughout the entire 30 hours of dancing.

    Young, Wild, and Free:

    Block 2 is all about the neon. Look in your closet for anything bright. The goal is to look like a highlighter.

    Unisex Highlighter Short Sleeve V-Neck: $25

    This t-shirt is a great example of something comfortable but fun you could wear for Block 2. This cotton shirt comes in three colors: Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Pink and Electric Blue. 

    Shiny Nylon Tricot Legging: $34

    Why play it safe with neon? Throw on these bright leggings and add some spunk to your outfit. They come in a variety of bright colors. 

    American Apparel also sells unisex shorts for $15 if you prefer not to wear leggings. Or for a complete highlighter look, wear thick-knit jersey shorts like these over your leggings. 

    Dirty Dancing Havana Nights: Beachwear

    Even though Dirty Dancing Havana Nights is nowhere near as great as the original, show off your beachwear style during Block 3. 

    Liven up your regular swimwear or Hawaiian shirts with some fun accessories. See if you have an old lei or hula skirt lying around from a past party. Add a floppy sun hat like this one from American Apparel and some basic sunglasses. If you don’t have any Hawaiian gear, wear some shorts, flip flops and a red tank top and say you are a lifeguard. You could also opt for something simpler — wear black and white and go as a whale. 

    aBLOCKalypse: Zombies or superheroes

    Declare your allegiance to zombies or superheroes during Block 4. 

    To be a truly gory zombie, throw on this “zombie inspired fashion,” wear a gory zombie graphic T-Shirt or make an outfit yourself.

    Creating a total look out of your old clothes or something cheap from Crossroads is easy. Rip up a white T-shirt, rub some dirt and splatter some fake blood on it. Wear some ripped up leggings, or just black shorts. If you really want to complete your look, add some Zombie makeup — but be prepared to sweat it off while dancing.

    American Apparel is a great place to get pieces for a superhero outfit. And when else are you going to wear blue shiny leggings

    Ladies: pair the leggings with a leotard or forgo the leggings and wear a skirt to transform yourself into Wonder Woman

    If you don’t have time to shop, wear the colors that represent your favorite superhero. Or be your own, such as Midwestern Girl, who fights evil with her pitchfork of doom. Even though Edna Mode frowns upon capes, if you really want to get into character, nothing is better than a cape made from a sheet. 

    Cowboys versus Aliens

    While Taylor Swift sings about a boy who has done her wrong, spend block 5 dancing in either cowboy or alien gear. 

    A cowboy costume is pretty simple. Rock a plaid or denim shirt like this one from Urban Outfitters and add a cowboy hat. You can find a cowboy hat at any party store (or perhaps at Crossroads). 

    The great thing about alien costumes is that aliens can really look like anything. A simple idea would be to wear all green and grey with some antennae. You can easily make antennae by hot gluing some pipe cleaners topped with Styrofoam balls to a headband. Another idea would be to wear silver and put glittery star stickers all over your body. If all else fails, wear all blue and go as Stitch.

    Hey Now, You’re An Allstar: Gym Clothes

    Have fun with the athletic wear theme. You have probably attended an 80s party at one point or another. Rummage around for sweatbands, leg warmers and scrunchies. Think Richard Simmons. Add these accessories to your regular work out shirt and shorts and you’re good to go. If you don’t have any Olivia Newton John inspired workout clothes and have time, head on over to American Apparel. The whole store looks like her “Physical” video

    Unisex Fiex Terry Headband: $6

    Unisex Fiex Terry Wristband: $6

    Long leg warmer: $18

    American Apparel Shiny Scrunchie: $6

    Born in the 90s

    Are you a virgin who can’t drive? Do you think Alaïa, is like a totally important fashion designer? Then spend Block 8 rolling with the homies in Cher Horowitz’s signature style. The movie Clueless is the epitome of 90s preppy fashion. Baby doll dresses, plaid skirts and sweater sets were fashion staples. 

    Dancing might be a little difficult if you go too preppy, but you could easily wear a plaid shirt, a headband and some knee-high socks. 

    If you are more into the grunge look than the preppy style of Cher Horowitz, throw on a flannel shirt like this one from Urban Outfitters. The sweat and grime from dancing with abandon will complete the grunge look. 


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