Let's celebrate Paddington Bear's birthday

    Children’s book legend and wearer-of-awesome-hats Paddington Bear turns 50 years old today, and I’d be remiss to not celebrate one of the key bears present in my early life. Paddington Bear rocks because, first off, he’s English but also because he’s a silly bear who always finds himself in heaps of trouble but, to quote Wikipedia, “tries so hard to get things right.” Well, he nails “Singin’ in the Rain” in the clip below, and outshines Gene Kelly as far as I’m concerned.

    The next clip not only shows how confusing the London Underground can be (it makes you appreciate Chicago’s color-coded system), but also features a scene where Paddington Bear stuffs bacon into his briefcase. That’s not British innuendo, I swear.

    Paddington Bear’s favorite food is marmalade sandwiches. But that doesn’t stop him from shilling Marmite, a British spread with a taste best described as “gasoline mixed with seaweed.”

    Finally, a fan’s interpretation of Paddington Bear. If you are offended by naked Barbie dolls…you probably have serious issues and seek help immediately.

    Man, some people shouldn’t be allowed near YouTube.


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