Let's spread the love with these dog wedding videos

    Northwestern, I sense some general grumpiness drifting out of Evanston, and I don’t like it. Maybe it’s because winter has reared its ugly head or maybe it’s because midterm grades are coming back (with not-so-great results), but things on campus seem… tense. And I’m a thousand miles away from Illinois, and I still pick up on it! Thank you GChat.

    To try to spread a little love and help people forget the Ohio State game, here are some videos of dogs getting married. These aren’t isolated occurrences, apparently. YouTube boasts way too many clips of canines exchanging nuptials to just write this off as an isolated incident.

    Some people approach these weddings as high art, as displayed in this rather cinematic treatment. It also has cats!

    And sometimes you don’t even need an elaborate set-up to marry off your dogs. You can just do it in your room, all while filming it and then sharing it with the Internet. Only slightly creepy!

    Real animals aren’t the only ones getting married on YouTube. One kid filmed his Webkinz marriage ceremony. See, these children have the right idea: Ignore all the negativity, and focus on the positive. Like a stuffed animal wedding.


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