Lew: Questions about "brothel law" remain; ASG will seek out answers

    Dear Northwestern,

    Over the past 48 hours, we’ve witnessed the strength of the student body’s collective voice. We’ve seen what Northwestern students are capable of when we rally behind something we really care about.

    Of course, it’s relieving to hear that Evanston will not increase enforcement of the brothel rule. We are glad that Evanston listened to the concerns of students and the university, and feel comfortable that city officials will be enforcing the rule as they have in the past. But we still have work to do. What’s next for students?

    The conversation surrounding the brothel rule has raised legitimate concerns about this ordinance as it affects students. We, as ASG, will collect these concerns and present them in a coherent way to the university and city officials.

    We’re still left wondering what exactly enforcement means. How does enforcement at its previous (and current) level concern students? Will increased enforcement ever affect future Northwestern students? And how can we encourage the Evanston City Council to change the ordinance to safeguard future students?

    ASG encourages all students to continue to provide questions and feedback in a civil and constructive manner. We will find and provide answers. In the coming days, we are meeting with President Schapiro and Evanston officials to discuss the actions we’ll take moving forward to ensure that students can continue to live off-campus as they have for years. And we will proceed with plans to work with the City Council to amend the Evanston ordinance as it pertains to students. Be sure to check the ASG Web site (http://asg.northwestern.edu) and Facebook page for further information as our efforts continue.

    Let’s keep the ball rolling.


    Claire Lew
    ASG President

    Hiro Kawashima
    ASG Vice President

    Ethan Merel
    ASG External Relations Vice President

    Matt Bellassai
    ASG Public Relations Vice President


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