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    Turning 18 can be a profound moment. The number represents such things we've been (maybe not-so-patiently) waiting our pubescent lives for: college, cigarettes, pornography and for many, the chance to legally get inked. NBN peels back the layers on 17 students and their tattoos. Just don't tell their parents.

    Production by Alex Lordahl and Ina Yang / North by Northwestern. Photos of Carrie Heckel by Lydia Belanger / North by Northwestern. Photo of Jazmyne Denman by Gabe Bergado / North by Northwestern. Photos of Jesse Swedlund and Amanda Shepherd by Becca Wu / North by Northwestern. Photos of Jesse Roy Clifton, Janel Montfort and Jenny Haag by Danny Schuleman / North by Northwestern. Photos of Christine Espindola, Jessica Smasal, Carrie Seavoy, Jonathan Gobrial, Emily Buffum, Justin Clarke and Alyssa Weaver by Emily Jan / North by Northwestern. Photos of Christina Sur and Tyler Dillon by Lara Walsh / North by Northwestern. Headshot of Jazmyne Denman courtesy of Jazmyne Denman. Photo of Kaela Walker courtesy of Kaela Walker. Background image courtesy of wagnerbocchi on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons.


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