"Light Poetry for a President"

    Out on across the American plain
    From cities to farmland, either/or, just the same
    A great feeling is rising, known to you and to me
    As a result of the ousting of Prez forty-three

    With his oversized ears and eyes set too close
    George Dubya gave us some double dose!
    So onto the next man, hail to the chief,
    It seems about time that we turned a new leaf

    So welcome Obama, the kids and Michelle,
    To Columbus’s District – political hell
    The people have spoken and it’s you they’ve elected
    Each Dem Party member stands proud and erected

    But with all of this clamor and lib’ral flag waving
    Let’s not forget that the country needs saving
    There are billions in bailouts for mortgages lent
    But just like the mortgages, that’s money misspent.

    And what of these plans for troop redeployment
    And that Gitmo shall endure but for Cheney’s enjoyment
    And that a defecit’s mounting to the frabjous tune
    Of $1.9 trillion – put that on your Zune

    But never you worry what problems are mounting—
    Just fork over your taxes for government counting
    People say please don’t fuss and never you fear
    Because the Illinois senator’s hour draws near

    But what will we get on January two-zero:
    Savior from on high or American Nero?
    Will he fiddle away? Will he tax and then spend?
    Will Middle East meddling continue on end?
    Can he right a wronged ship, can he deflect the flak
    Or will he crumble to be just a partisan hack?
    (But there’s one thing for sure – he won’t bring free markets back)

    So on inauguration day, it’s fine to rejoice
    And swoon to the sound of Barack’s cool, calm voice
    Brimming with pride, a country perched on the brink
    But here I’m predicting ‘twill be worse than you think.


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