Lists, lists, lists
    Photo from Flickr / Licensed under Creative Commons
    Photo from Flickr / Licensed under Creative Commons
    These list poems were written by the creative minds of the NBN Writing Section. Can a list be a poem? We think so.

    Things that feel like home

    almost-raw pancakes

    boxers as pajamas

    holiday story time

    table-side guac

    house hunters

    favorite dress

    late-night baths

    subway runs

    cocoa butter

    Yayoi Kusama's Dots Obsession

    fuschia on ebony plums

    cobalt on crimson chairs

    emerald on white fences

    pearl on navy constellations

    scarlet on yellow people

    silver on pink tongues

    what i hear when i sit down

    humming of the air conditioner

    doors opening and closing

    my heart beating

    "actually, living in Bobb isn't so bad"


    collective laughter

    breathing – in and out, in and out

    minds buzzing.

    Last names that could have been mine if I didn’t subconsciously sabotage every relationship I’ve ever been in






    Things that I love

    late summer nights


    hugs that say “hello”

    kisses that say “goodnight”

    handwritten notes

    clever lyrics

    guitar solos

    movies that make me feel

    people that make me laugh

    what i’m made of

    a diet coke or two or three a day

    a sleep schedule that defies physics

    a father who told me to never sell myself short

    a mother who always told me i was enough

    a sister who i’m still learning to read

    a love of books

    a ball of tension blocking my throat

    a tongue that tumbles forward anyways

    a heart that wants to travel

    a wallet that says “stay at home”

    a head full of dreams

    a body that’s awake, working hard to achieve them


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