Live Blog: ASG Presidential Debate
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    The three candidates for ASG President borrowed and referenced each other’s slogans and platforms to sell their own campaigns at Monday evening’s ASG-administered debate, their second meeting in the race. The three – Weinberg junior Victor Shao, SESP junior Kameron Dodge and Weinberg junior Dan Tully – focused on ASG’s current structure and its need, they said, to better communicate with students.

    Shao, who is running with Medill junior Brad Stewart, emphasized his and Stewart’s strong friendship and involvement in multiple exec boards across campus. Although he often criticized ASG, Shao also reminded the audience that he and Stewart are the only candidates both currently in ASG.

    Dodge said he and his running mate, Communication junior Steven Monacelli, would unite student leaders across campus and reiterated that they both understand the nuances of the ASG exec board. He also referenced Monacelli’s involvement in the Evanston town board formed to determine the fate of the three-unrelated rule.

    Tully painted himself as an outsider candidate, drawing attention to his lack of commitment to ASG; he said that he, along with his running mate Weinberg junior Jeziel Jones, will work to make ASG about student inclusivity.

    The debate, which about 35 people attended, was moderated by Henry Brooke, a current member of the ASG Election Commission. NBN, which live-blogged the event, provides full coverage below.


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