Living off the land

    My friend told me
    he was going to live off the land.
    Drop out of college,
    pack up his things,
    and hitchhike across the world.

    He told me
    he was going to find the Buddhist monks.
    Live with them, learn from them,
    and they would tell him
    some secret to life.

    He said he would
    scale the globe on foot:
    trek through the wildernesses of Europe,
    climb some mountains in Asia.

    He would find food in the wild
    like Chris McCandless,
    and depend on the kindness of strangers.

    He would draw all the beauty he saw
    and sell his work for money;
    A real artist.

    But before these dreams could happen
    he needed money for a plane ticket.

    So now he’s delivering pizzas—
    stuck at home until he saves up enough.
    Trapped in a mundane town
    in suburban America.

    My friend told me
    he was going to live off the land
    and find the Buddhist monks
    and be one with nature
    and find the secret to life
    and give his life meaning
    and finally be happy.

    But for now, he’s delivering pizzas.


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